Patient Testimonials

Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have recieved...







Sabrina G., Hermitage, PA

“Great!  I feel better!  Back pain and neck are both better!  I’m more limber and I’m able to keep up with the kids better.”


Joan G., Hermitage, PA

“I am much better.  I can lie down without dizziness!  I have more energy now!  I’m ready to go!  I can do things like I used to!”


Yvonne B., Hermitage, PA

“After 3 adjustments I am feeling great!  I can really walk now, not just shuffle.  I feel lighter, brighter – more alive!”


Dennis P., Sharon, PA

“I am sleeping good!  Normally I’m up in the middle of the night.  Now I am sleeping better – all through the night!”


Francis T., Hermitage, PA

“Great results with Dr. Tripp!  I am feeling better.  I can sit longer!”


Ruth R., Hermitage, PA

“Great results with (my) hand and arm.  After the first adjustment, the pain left!”


Lisa R., Hermitage, PA

“I have not had a headache since my first adjustment!  The pain below my shoulders is 90% better!”


Alyssa D., Meadville, PA

“I can think straight!  My spine feels straighter!  My teeth line up now!  I can actually breathe out of my nose!”


Janeece P., Hermitage, PA

“My headaches are 80% better after one adjustment!  (I have) more strength in my legs and arms.  I am able to do household chores much easier.”


Kathleen R., Mercer, PA

“I don’t have to use a wall to get back up after only 2 visits! Wow! My back doesn’t hurt anymore.  My knees aren’t popping anymore!”


Edna S., Hermitage, PA

“Great results!  I have not had hip pain or headaches since I started coming to see Dr. Tripp!”


Charlotte C., Box Springs GA

             It was a miracle, after just 6 adjustments my blood pressure dropped from 197/101 to 118/70!!  Dr. Tripp has improved some many things in my life from sleeping better to a huge increase in energy. My general sense of well being is much calmer and peaceful.”


Carlyn K., Columbus GA

             “Dr. Tripp was the first doctor who believed me about my pain and the first doctor who helped me. I had hip surgery 3 years ago and still had pain. After seeing Dr. Tripp I can finally quit taking pain medication and I don’t need to use my cane anymore.”


Mark M., Columbus GA

             “Dr. Tripp is a Master Shoulder Rehabilitator!  Even my concentration has improved. Thank you!”


Elizabeth F., Columbus GA

            “Thanks to Dr. Tripp I am back on my walking schedule.  I have much more confidence and energy!”


Deborah P.,  Columbus GA

            “After 3 adjustments I saw major results and I continue to see improvements.  I can walk without pain and my hypothyroidism is under control with supplements and adjustments.”

Keith W.,  Columbus GA

             “I have been taking heartburn medication for several years and now I don’t even need medication anymore.  Also, as an added bonus, after a few adjustments I could hear better out of my right ear.”


Bob Thomas

            “ Every time I am adjusted I feel much better. Now that I am following the doctors’ appointment schedule, I am experiencing more energy”   

Gwendolyn Land

             “My health is improving. Dr. Tripp talks to me about many things to help in promoting health. He talks to me about vitamins, herbs and my attitude.”

             “He never makes me feel bad about eating or exercising habits, He just encourages me and gives me great suggestions. We work on my health together.”


Jane Davis

             If you are looking for the  best  Christian based practice, Dr. and Mrs. Tripp should be your #1 choice!


William T .

             “I sleep better at night. I’ve learned to pay attention to my body’s posture. My weight work-outs have been noticably better I’m lifting more and feeling better!”


Connie Foster

             “I have experienced a remarkable difference in my body. If the same excellent level of chiropractic care is maintained I have no doubt I’ll be “good as new” in the near future. Everyone should try Chiropractic!”


Michael W.

            “If you need a chiropractor this is the one for you.”


Donna G.

             “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn about my subluxations and nutrition.” “Excellent care and concern for my ‘whole being’ not just a certain area.”


Vernell Matyas

            “You have saved my life because my back and hips were in such bad shape and I hurt all the time, but not anymore, thanks to you. (Dr. Tripp)”


Doris Lowell

             “My body feels freer. I can sleep all night on my back and I can stand up straight.”


Debra Pointe

“I felt more energy  and no more headaches. I felt I could think more clearly  Very   Very   Happy!

“Dr. Tripp is a very informative Doctor. Enjoys his work and it shows at every visit.”



   More Energy!

I had lower back pain, shoulder pain and pain in the knees. Since I’ve been coming I’m pain free. I use to run and take a couple of days to relax. Now I am able to run just about every day. I AM MORE ENERGETIC! Life is good thanks to Dr Tripp!                                       Philip 



I couldn’t concentrate in class. I was distracted all the time. I also had Sinus infections. The Doctors diagnosis was “severe allergies”. We tried their way for 2 1/2 years (multiple allergy shots) with no results, then we found Dr Tripp and his chiropractic office. Since November 2000 NO SINUS INFECTIONS AT ALL! Before Chiropractic I had 6 infections earlier that year.  Mom Says I have been able to control my temper and am much more easy going. Thanks Dr Tripp

BJ Chapman Age 12



DRX9000 Testimony


Severe Neck Pain Completely Gone!



I fell on my hand last December (9 months ago). The forse of the fall broke my arm. It took2 months before the pan finally subsided frommy arm. then I really began to notice the pain in my neck and shoulder. After seeing 2 specialist I realized that the best thing the medical field could do for me was surgery. They wanted to fuse my disc together. they told me that the "shock absorbers" between my discs are not there. I asked what would happen to the disc on top and bottom of that disc after fusion. They could not guarantee that it would not result in a domnino effect. Then I came to see Dr. Tripp. He told me aobut the DRX9000. I this form of "traction" would help to seperate the disc giving the "shock absorbers" time to heal. I saidthis sound like the answer. I have recieved several treatments an already I am enjoying freedom from pain. Doctor Tripp has given me adjustments on my neck and spine. The pain tht I have lived with for 9 months is completely gone! 

Thank you so much Dr. Tripp 


Gwen Land



I had severe migraines, shoulder problems since age 18 that they told me I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I had no energy – fatigue all the time. I would get colds or flus about every 2-3 weeks but nothing would help, I had a continuous sinus infection that no doctor seemed to be able to help. I had indigestion, back and neck pain, and pain in both feet. My menstrual  problems were horrific. I would get cramps, mood swings, nausea and fevers. I would miss a day of work every month because of this. I was sick, miserable and depressed, and to top it all off I couldn’t think clearly. I had trouble focusing and remembering things. I had to reread a line over and over again to get it to stick.

I had trouble with my TMJ. The doctors wanted to do an operation where they would break my jaw and hope it would heal in the  way that was less painful. Hope and less convinced me  no surgery. I also had Carpal tunnel. Even though the pain was bad, I did not want surgery for this one either. Having this many health problems cost me 3 jobs and nearly my current job. I couldn’t handle stress and I couldn’t function any more and I didn’t want to. I knew I needed help but I didn’t know where to turn. I had been looking for a good doctor for 13 years but couldn’t find one. Finally, after having one of those really bad migraines I had to do something. I went to three chiropractors in one week and they helped a little but I always walked out with the headaches still hurting. Then a good friend of mine brought me to Dr Tripp’s office. I thought “Oh great another chiropractor that makes four this week.” But  wow what a difference! He is not like any other Chiropractor.  I walked out that day feeling great ! He did what no other chiropractor could do. Stop the pain – now!! And I was pain free when I walked out! Since I have been under Dr Tripp’s care I have gotten so much better I don’t even know where to start. First off I have lost 80 pounds because I am getting healthier (physically and mentally) and I am able to do more now than I could before. My back and neck pain is better! I don’t get migraines anymore! My shoulder problem of 7 years is gone! No more indigestion and other stomach problems! I can think more clearly! My brain is working again! I can handle stress better now. My immune system is working great now. I have only had one cold since starting treatment with Dr Tripp. (I used to go to the Doctor all the time for that one)  The pain and discomfort in my hands, wrists and forearms is vastly improved. My TMJ trouble is gone.  My menstrual problems are gone now too. Thank you, thank you, thank you – WOW! And now I have more energy too!  Which I love! Now I’m always on the go – bicycling, hiking, swimming etc. I am back to what I live for – adventure. No more laying on the couch in pain for me. Thanks Dr Tripp

            Dr Tripp’s uses Chiropractic Techniques, nutritional recommendations, nutrition testing, emotional work – its WHOLE BODY WELLNESS!            No one should have to suffer and feel sickly. I recommend anyone who suffers with pain of any kind go to Dr Tripp and work with him, he can help. Your body will thank you. I am glad I gave him a try. You will be too.                               Alyssa Dearborn


Nancy Nevill of Columbus had Carpal tunnel for 2 years. This is what happened when she came to my office. “After 3 adjustments I had noticeably more strength in my arms and legs.” Nancy Nevill



Linda Cidilia had carpal tunnel  for years. She came to my office and this is her story.

“Great results! In less than 2 months my carpal tunnel is gone! I had an EMG this morning. There is no trace of Carpal Tunnel.”

            Linda Cidilia


Peyton and Brook (Age 7& 8) came to my Office with severe allergy Problems for 3 years.

Their mother says: “Less frequent problems with Allergies. Hardly ever sick –Immune system is built up!”



“I Said Goodbye To Pain!” Marie Brown, Columbus

And you can too! “I was in chronic pain for over 36 years! No one believed me. I had headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, earaches, speech and memory problems  numbness from the neck down and crippling neck and back pain. I have been to doctor after doctor, clinic after clinic, in and out of the hospital . I even become addicted to prescription and over the counter drugs. I lost a wonderful career! I couldn’t function! Life became miserable! I was desperate, frustrated and fed up with system! NOTHING WAS HELPING! Then I found out about Dr Tripp. In just a short period of time all my symptoms have greatly improved or are now gone! I feel like I have been given a new lease on life! Thanks a million Dr Tripp!



Leta McNair was on narcotic for Fibromyalgia and had a sleep disorder.  This is what she said after her second adjustment at my clinic. “During the patient orientation I had shooting  pains down my right arm & muscle soreness. I signed for care & after that 1st adjustment no more shooting pains. I have had 2 adjustments. I slept on my right side for the first time in  years. I use to have to rub Bengay sports crème or deep heat on my upper shoulders and back to relieve pian – last night I didn’t have to use any creams!!”  

Leta McNair


Lyndsey Gibbs came to my office Being treated for pneumonia, cough and runny nose for 1 week. She was on antibiotics and Robitussin. Nothing changed all Week. I worked on her one day, this is what Her parents said next day: “Cough is GONE, no runny nose, no fever, AFTER ONLY ONE ADJUSTMENT!! She is “back ot her playful self.   

Lyndsey Gibbs


Even children can get low back pain. Shanice Griffin (age 10) had low back pain and popping in joints. After I worked on her she said she was “more flexible, NO MORE LOWER BACK PAIN! Able to sleep better. I could touch my toes now. Thanks Dr Tripp.”     

Shanice Griffin



Marquita Hexakiah came to my office with sharp pain in lower and middle back, neck pain, headaches and short of breath.

After being adjusted she said: “Great feeling! HEADACHES  HAVE GONE AWAY. Pain in back is gone! Pain in neck

is tons better! Breathing is so much better and easier. More energy!! 

Marguita Hezakiah


Lawson (2) was hyperactive, was Coughing, and was having a hard time sleeping through the night. His mom said. “After one adjustment, he slept through the night. He is happier all of the  time.& a lot of fun to be around. – His coughing has gotten much better & is going away. – Regular bowel movements. Thanks DR TRIPP”                 


Sammy Smith came to my office after 3 surgeries for ear infections before reaching 4 years old. This is what her Mother had to say.


“UNBLIEVABLE!!! Hasn’t had a single  ear infection. High fever twice – Dr  Tripp adjusted her & by the time we got out to the car her fever was gone!! The fever never came back – I’d say that’s Ten times better than Tylenol”.                        

SAMMY 5 yrs

Additional benefits:

“Less colds & congestion. Dr tripp takes care of those. With being balanced Sammy excels in dance and gymnastics. She has less falls and plays much harder.”

Stuart Hansen; Columbus had neck, low back pain for 6+ years, leg pain for 1 year, digestive problems and constipation for 10+ years. His regular doctor recommended aspirin, exercise and stretching but the results were bad! NO HELP, Until he met Dr Tripp.

This is what he says now.

“Tremendous improvement in neck  and low back pain! Leg feels a ton better! Digestive and constipation problems have gone away! Energy level improved! Feels like on a cloud after my adjustment!” Stuart

I had severe pain in my neck and my back. It was difficult to stand or walk. Getting up was a chore. Now my pain is GONE and I can play with my children again!                           

Robin – West Middlesex



DRX9000 Success Stories

I had severe low back and neck pain and I could barely walk.  I had 2 bulging discs and some spinal decay as well.  After being on the DRX 9000, my pain numbers went from 7’s to 0’s!!  I have no pain throughout the day now and I have more energy than before.  I have no more trouble walking or standing.  I can get dressed without pain.  I also lost about 10 pounds the month I was on the DRX9000.  I thank God for leading me here after much prayer!      

            -Dennis Reeher


I have had lower back pain for 2 years.  I had trouble walking and had to limp because of pain down my left leg.  The medical doctors had me taking Fosamax and muscle relaxers.  I had no improvement.  The DRX 9000 helped me 100%!!  I had no pain over an entire weekend!!  And, I no longer have a limp.  I am able to do yard work with no problem.  My pain numbers were at 9’s and now are 0-1’s!!  Dr. Tripp also fixed my shoulder and I have no more pain in it anymore.                          -Trudy Smith


I had suffered for 20 years with back pain.  I had herniated discs at myL3, L4 and L5.  I also suffered with sciatic pain down my right leg.  The three months before I came to Dr. Tripp’s, I was having a burning sensation in my leg.  I went to a surgeon in Pittsburgh and he wanted to cut the disc and clear out some bone. After being on the DRX 9000, my pain is gone!!!  Dr. Tripp figured out that my body was lacking calcium and I wasn’t drinking enough water.  Once I started doing both of these things, I could get the proper healing.  I did get the feeling back in my toes that the medical doctor said was permanent damage.  I am also able to sleep through the night now!     -Keith Smith


I had low back pain for 8 years and problems with my knee.  I had degenerative discs.  The Orthopedic said I would just have to live with it and end up in a wheel chair.  I also had 5 shots in my knee to prevent knee surgery.  DRX9000 results were fantastic!!  It was the best phone call I ever made.  A year ago, I could not tie my own shoes, now I can!  My knee is doing much better and I even had improvement in my bladder and diverticulosis!                        -Rosemary McFarland


I had lower back pain for about 2 years.  I went to the primary care doctor who sent me for several tests and found nothing wrong.  I also saw another chiropractor who did not help me at all.  After two weeks on the DRX 9000, I was in very little or no pain!  Now I can finally go shopping or on walks without needing to sit down every fifteen minutes.  I am finally pain free!!                        -Britanee Barkley


I had pain in my lower back and right hip.  I had 30 treatments on the DRX9000.  After the 3 rd  treatment, I began to start feeling less pain in my back.  After two weeks of treatments, Dr. Tripp did an adjustment on my right hip and that cleared up the pain in my right hip.  I also was able to use the Turbosonic while in the office.  In three weeks time, I went from 256 lbs to 243 lbs!!                       -David Miller



I had back pain for over 6 months.  I had 3 herniated discs and 2 bulging discs.  I saw a medical doctor and he said to see a chiropractor, have surgery or live with it.  I was not able to walk for 2 weeks before I came here.  After the DRX9000, I have NO PAIN!!  I can do almost anything now and I can drive again!!  I have more energy and no longer need naps.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Tripp, I don’t think I would be walking anymore!!

-Carol Adams



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