Bulging / Herniated Disc
Hermitage Chiropractor Shows You Can Help You Live Pain-Free And Healthy.

If you are suffering from bulging or herniated disc this website is for you. You can fix the bulging and herniated discs without surgery! The key to any treatment is in the exam. WHen you come to the office the first step in getting relief i to recieve the "Rapid Pain Relief Exam". The exam will determine what is wrong, how wevere the poblem is, and what therapy will correct the problem the fastest.

I personally had 7 bulging or herniated discs. I used a combination of 5 therapies to stop my pain. The first therapy that made the biggest change for me was the DRX9000 spinal decompression. I had over 20 years of pain. Within 3 weeks of being on the spinal decompression I had 95% pain relief. I continued on with the other therapies to complete the correction. By decompressing the spine your pain will stop. 

              The spineforce therapy was the used to strengthen the spinal muscles. It is the only device I know of that will strengthen the internal and external muscles of the spine.  After strengthening the spine the body will hold and you will stay in alignment and pain free.

 We believe everyone deserves a healthy life, free of pain.

Please take advantage of all the information provided and contact us personally if we can offer specific information suited to your healthcare needs. Remember, we are here because IT WORKS!


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Recurrent Ear Infections Resolved with Chiropractic Care
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